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wanbetx体育始建于1951年,是河北省首批示范性高中。学校位于保定市区中心,共有两个校区,校园占地面积131亩,建筑面积70000余平方米。毗邻华北电力大学、河北大学等高等学府,处于颇具书香气息的大文化圈之中。学校以优良的校风、科学的管理、傲人的高考成绩享誉省内外,先后获得“国家优质教育资源建设重点示范校”、“全国现代教育技术实验学校”、 “河北省文明单位”等60余项国家级、省级荣誉称号。






Baoding No.3 High School, founded in 1951, is one of the first batch of key model senior high schools in Hebei Province. Consisting of 2 campuses and covers 131 mu, with a floor area of 70,000 m2, our school is located in the central urban area of Baoding. Abutting on North China Electric Power University, Hebei University, we are in a big cultural sphere with great scholarly flavor. Due to the excellent style of study, scientific management and outstanding achievements of the college entrance examination, our school has successively won over 60 national and provincial awards, such as the “The National Model School of High - quality Educational Resources”, “The National Experimental School of Modern Education Technology”, and “Civilized Unit in Hebei Province”.

No.3 has everything that one expects to find, such as office buildings, teaching buildings, science buildings, libraries, dormitories, canteens, a gym and 400 meters tartan playground. Tree-lined theme squares and gardens are built in the center of our school for teachers and students to enjoy themselves. Every classroom is equipped with an “all-in-one touch-screen teaching machine”. We also have top-class labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Technology, an activity room for robots, a campus TV station and an Astronomical Observatory. In recent years, Baoding No.3 High School has invested nearly 10 million yuan to construct “smart campus” and become the first national leading “smart campus” in Baoding City.

No.3 now has 3000 students and nearly 300 staffs. 47% of our teachers are in senior positions. Leading by teachers of a special classification, national topnotch teachers and provincial backbone teachers, our school has made great achievements with the fully implementing of elite education. We have ranked the first in Baoding region in term of the number of students receiving offers from the key and ordinary universities, and have cultivated several liberal arts champions and science champions for the college entrance examination. Besides, a large number of students from No.3 have been admitted to well-known universities, such as Tsinghua University and Peking University.

By carrying out “Character-building education”, excellent students with lofty ideals, fine combination of moral integrity and ability, wholesome personalities and self-discipline are cultivated. There are more than 20 student associations in school, which provide many selective courses. Combined with colorful activities, these groups provide platforms for students to practice and show their talents.

Our school has been aiming at expanding students’ international vision and constructing diversified education system. We introduce A-level courses to provide abundant growth space and opportunities for students. Some excellent students have received admissions of many famous universities in America, Australia and France. We also carries out extensive international communication and establishes friendship schools with Britain, America, Canada and other countries one after another, which helps students to understand and communicate with different cultures.

Guided by the ideology of “people foremost”, Baoding No.3 High School has been themed by “Innovation, Development and Leap”, has been more delicate in “Detail”, has achieved remarkable results in “Practice”, has sought for more development in “Reform”, and has made a great leap in “Development”. By doing so, we have gradually formed the unique cultural atmosphere with San Zhong characteristics and San Zhong spirits—— being united, diligent and outstanding. Baoding No.3 High School has become “the model school” among top high schools in Baoding City, and has been continuously making contributions to the development of education in Hebei Province.